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The Caswell Advisory Group is a mergers and acquisitions firm that represents business owners seeking to exit their businesses and, in the process, often achieving very significant financial gains. We work closely with our clients to facilitate the positioning, marketing and sale of their companies. Our clients are located throughout New England (sometimes outside), generally with exit valuations in the range of $3 million to $15 million.

Our affiliations with national and regional organizations, relationships with private equity groups, family offices, and other financial buyers, strong ties with an extensive network of industry professionals, including attorneys, accountants, consultants, investment banks and financial advisors, and utilization of electronic bulletin boards, assure access to a large, constantly enhanced, pool of qualified buyers, always with a strong focus on protecting the confidentiality of our client relationships.

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We offer a guided approach throughout the complex process of a business sale. We work to help owners achieve the best sale terms while striving to ensure the sale progression is as smooth as possible and that confidentiality is maintained. From the time we are engaged, we work in a team-oriented fashion, within our group, and with you and your advisors, to help you move from the hard work associated with building your business to achieving your exit strategy goals.

A strong, evolving buyer pool

Though CAG represents only business owners, we constantly work at attracting qualified prospective buyers. Besides working to identify strategic, private equity and other financial buyers, CAG’s unique approach to the owner-operator buyer market, which often represents the best (and sometimes only) buyers for companies in the $3 million to $15 million size range, sets it apart from other M&A firms.

Preparation of a valuation

Working with the business owner and often the business owner’s advisors, CAG prepares an estimate of the potential sale value of the business. Importantly, CAG takes advantage of its background and connections in banking to develop possible financing scenarios, as the availability of financing and related potential financing issues, and the nature of the capital structure, can impact the potential marketability and sale of a business.

Quality marketing materials

Our approach to marketing includes preparation of a comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum, which provides a detailed summary of the business opportunity for use with vetted prospective buyers.


We maintain the lead role in negotiating the transaction and actively work with our clients to realize the best overall terms available, while doing our best to ensure the sale has a positive outcome.

Alleviation of seller sales burden

Selling a business is exceptionally time consuming for the business owner. Beyond quality-of-life matters, the operating performance of a business during the time it is on the market is critical. CAG strives to make our client’s burden as light as possible during this period so the owner can focus on on-going operations.

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Whether you are seeking to develop and execute an exit strategy involving the sale of a business or to acquire a company, Caswell Advisory Group can help.