Our Team Approach

20+ years of service, professionalism and results.

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Our team consists of highly seasoned professionals with decades of professional experience in various disciplines including finance, business management, consulting, commercial lending and senior bank management, marketing, business start-ups, and, most importantly, successfully managing business sales from start to finish. Their cross-industry experience and varied professional backgrounds, trusted professional contacts, and results-focused orientation, allow them to achieve high levels of performance and customer satisfaction.

Caswell Advisory Group

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Greg Caswell, Managing Principal of Caswell Advisory Group, formerly Caswell Vlachos

Gregory Caswell

The Managing Principal of CAG, Greg had a successful career in commercial banking, including as CEO of a publicly traded bank, prior to moving to M&A advisory in 2005.

Kristen Miale, Managing Director of Caswell Advisory Group

Kristen Miale

Kristen joined CAG as a Managing Director in 2024. She brings diverse and extensive experience in leading organizations, financial and strategic planning, starting-up and exiting businesses, and advising business owners through various stages of transitions.

Erin Larson, Senior Analyst of Caswell Advisory Group, formerly Caswell Vlachos Group

Erin Larson

Erin joined CAG in 2021 as a Senior Analyst. As a Certified Management Accountant, Erin brings experience in accounting, financial planning and analysis, and business administration.

Michael Wing,

Michael Wing

Mike affiliated with CAG in 2016 as a Senior Advisor. He brings extensive experience in manufacturing management and leadership and is also the CEO of a technology startup.

Eric Prouty

Eric Prouty

Eric joined CAG as a Senior Advisor in 2023 and has served as an equity research analyst covering companies in the industrial and manufacturing sectors for over 20 years.

Industry Partners

In addition to the core team, CAG has a network of outside associates with strong skills in specific areas, including market research and industry analysis, that are called upon on an as-needed basis.

When it comes time to sell a business, including the development of creative transaction solutions, the Caswell Advisory Group provides business owners with a resource that is fully committed to bringing about a successful sale while navigating as smoothly as possible through the business sale process.

Industry Affiliations

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The Caswell Advisory Group maintains membership and affiliations in business organizations that enhance its ability to provide exceptional services to its clients. Our affiliations and access to the following organizations link us to industry information and data, business transaction advisors across a wide spectrum of disciplines, a full range of potential buyer types, and web-based databases worldwide. These affiliations have also aided CAG’s development of strong relationships with highly respected professionals throughout New England. In addition, confidential listings on the Internet-based platforms associated with some of these organizations create national and international exposure for our clients.

Advisors and Allied Professionals

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A properly managed sale process does not happen without a team of dedicated people working toward a common goal. CAG works with leading accountants, attorneys, consultants, lenders, financial advisors, and other professionals, and values these relationships.

Selling or acquiring a business may have complex legal issues, estate ramifications, and significant tax implications. CAG works hand-in-hand with our client’s advisory team to create a win-win transaction scenario.